4 Figure Skating Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Written By: Riedell | May 24, 2018

Figure skating is so much more than just figure skates. From skate guards to lacing hooks, having the best accessories can make a huge difference in your skating life. We’ve been working side by side with some of the best coaches and skaters for years to come up with the best of the best figure skating accessories for every day and competition skating. Read on below to see the most popular accessories that our Riedell ambassadors can’t live without.

Skate Guards

This one’s a bit obvious, but not any less important than the rest of the items on our list. Skate guards play an essential role in keeping your skates in the best shape possible. If you’re far into your skating career you probably already know how important protecting your blades is, but if you’re just starting out you’re probably damaging your skates in one way or another without even knowing! While being made of metal and typically pretty strong, figure skate blades are actually very sensitive.

Here’s the proper procedure you should be performing with your skates to keep them in top condition. First, you should only ever exposed your skate to ice or rubber. If you’re not on the ice or on a rubber mat around the ice, then your skate guards should be on, no exceptions! Skate guards are meant to keep your blades sharp and protected while they’re on your feet but you’re not yet on the ice. Once you step off the ice, the first thing you should do is wipe off your blades with an absorbent towel and then put on your skate guards.

Once you’re ready to take off your skates, remove your skate guards and wipe them down again with a dry towel. If you leave your skates sitting with water on their blades then they might rust and corrode. You should place soakers on your skate blades when you store your blades in your bag. This will keep excess moisture for collecting on your blades and will keep your blades from clicking into each other of from scuffing your boots while stored.

Skate Bag

The best way to keep your boots safe while stored? Having the best skate bag possible. Skates ideally should have their own bag. They shouldn’t be tossed in with your other equipment; not only can your skates damage your other belongings, but your belonging can damage your skates. Give your skates the room they need by using a skate bag. Your skate bag should be able to hold skates in a primary cushioned compartment while still having additional storage in separate areas. The Riedell One Pack, for example, can hold up to a size nine skate in its main compartment while still having space for your phone or lacing hook in its exterior front pocket.

The best part of a skate bags is its size. The ideal skate bag is big enough to fit your skates while still being small enough to attach to luggage or to be slung over your shoulder. You can have additional bags for your wardrobe, makeup, and other skating needs such as polish, but we recommend that you have one bag that’s only used to store your skates.

R-Fit™ Footbed Kit

R-Fit Footbed Display Image without Packaging

In partnership with a leading podiatrist/former skater, Riedell has created the R-Fit™ Footbed Kit! Specifically designed to address the competitive skater’s in skate foot support needs – he R-Fit keeps the foot ergonomically positioned in the skate for foot comfort and better on-ice control. These Footbed Kits work similarly as insoles for your shoes. Even custom molded boots can still require that little something extra to be the perfect fit and that’s where the R-Fit™ Footbed Kits come in.

If you experience aches and pains or foot fatigue, then you need to try an R-Fit™ Footbed Kit. Made from durable high-density foam with a soft top cover the R-Fit™ Footbed Kit offers added cushion and support for a safer, more effective skating session. Three color-coded adjustable sizes for low (yellow), neutral (blue), and high (red) arches can add comfort and help decrease foot soreness and strain. The neutral arch support comes pre-installed on the each Footbed. For those with flat feet, you can use the footbed without any arch supports attached.

Seriously, the R-Fit™ Footbed Kit is a skate’s best friend and secret weapon. You can extend the life of your skates and make your feet more comfortable all in one! Help decrease heel movement and slippage, correct either pronation or supination for added heel support, remedy soreness, tingling or numbness in the toes and ball of the foot area, and more with a versatile Footbed Kit.

Lacing Hooks

How long did it take you to figure out that properly lacing your skates can make all the difference while skating? Hopefully, your coach pointed out to you that your laces were too tight or too loose right away, if not you probably suffered through some truly uncomfortable practices. But pros know that getting the right fit with your laces can be hard. By using a lacing hook, you can get the fit you want every time without straining yourself. Plus, lacing hooks are small enough to fit in the outside pocket of most skate bags, making them the perfect traveling companion.

Get The Accessories You Need With Riedell

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, having the right accessories can make your life so much easier both on and off the ice. You can get more inside advice from our skaters or coaches on our blog. Have questions about all things figure skating? Shoot us a message and a member of our team will help you find the right gear to complete your skating arsenal.