A Guide to Buying Ice Skate Blades

Written By: Riedell | June 23, 2011

Find the perfect pair to complement your Riedell ice skates

Purchasing a new pair of ice skate blades is a big investment that is key to your skating performance. With so many options available to you, buying new blades can be a bit overwhelming.

Check out a video from our Authorized Dealer, Rainbo Sports, about when it’s time to purchase new ice skate blades.

To find the blade that will work the best for you and your skating needs, keep in mind these four factors when purchasing skate blades:


Jumping Skills. It’s important to find an ice skate blade that matches your abilities on the ice. For instance, figure blades for more advanced skaters have a larger toe pick to allow for the higher jumps and faster spins and footwork that are required in higher levels of competitive skating. The beginning competitive skater will love the straight cute rakes of the Eclipse Volant to help you jump higher and move nimbly across the ice. You can refer to our chart for Eclipse Blades, which outlines our recommendations based on your jumping skills.

Skating Discipline. If you are an Ice Dancer or Synchro skater, it is best to purchase blades specifically manufactured for your skating disciplines. Did you know? There are more than 45 collegiate level synchro teams across the country!

Your Measurements. By that we mean you need to know the length of the sole of your boot from heel to toe (tip: measure in inches!) Rainbo Sports recommends purchasing a blade that is a quarter inch shorter than your heel to toe measurement for a non-growing foot. If your feet are still growing, you can purchase a blade that fits each heel to toe measurement and possibly remount it to your next pair of boots.

Blade Knowledge. If you have done your research, you’ll know about key features in your favorite blade brands. Identify your goals on the ice, and learn how a blade can help you reach—and even exceed—your skating dreams. For background on our all-new line of skate blades, check out the Eclipse Blades eCatalog.

Once you consider all of these factors, we highly recommend consulting your coach and visiting your local Riedell or Eclipse Blades Authorized Dealer (link to Dealer Locator) to find your perfect blade.  And check out our tips for keeping your blades beautiful.

Happy Skating!