A Look Inside a Riedell Ice Skate

Written By: Riedell | October 27, 2011

At Riedell Skates, we use only the highest quality materials and leading design technology to create our PSA-endorsed ice skates. To best illustrate how a Riedell boot is constructed, we went extreme and cut a boot in half! Our boot rendition allows you to see the comfort and support features that you rely on each time you step on the ice.

Every ice skate is constructed to meet the demands of all skaters—from Olympians to weekend enthusiasts. Want to know more about Riedell’s boot technology? Here are five feature facts:

  1. Some boot features are exclusive to particular boots—like the heel lock stabilizer which keeps heels in place for more control. It’s available only on the HLS 1500. Other features are specifically for our Traditional Series (TS) and Light Series (LS) boots.
  2. Riedell offers two collar options. For the Light Series, we offer a cushioned backstay collar, and for other models, we feature a hand rolled collar for maximum lower leg comfort.
  3. An open throat design gives a wider lacing pattern for better balance.
  4. Our lightweight cork heel and midsoles are designed for easier landings and easy maintenance.
  5. While each ice skate is unique, the manufacturing process is similar in that it requires a lot of steps—125 to be exact!

Learn more about other Riedell comfort features—like the tongue lace bar and flex notch—here.