A Proper Figure Skate Boot Fit to Prevent Injury

Written By: Riedell | August 11, 2011

Proper fitting skate equipment is one of the most important steps to preventing injuries and discomfort while you skate. When your boots and blades are incorrectly sized, it leads to discomfort, can negatively impact your performance on the ice and can even cause your skate to break down prematurely. The good news is that injuries caused by ill-fitting equipment are easily preventable.

We’ve laid out a few common ailments that figure skaters face, and how getting a properly fitting boot, or adjusting the boot you have, can help prevent or alleviate pain*:

Blisters, Calluses and Bunions: Make sure you are properly lacing your boots

Foot and Ankle Weakness: A stiff figure skating boot is similar to a cast. The stiffer the boot, the more limited the motion at the ankle and thus the knee, hip and back. This limited motion may contribute to muscle weakness in the foot and ankle.

Shin Splints: Check your skate blade placement and blade sharpness. Poorly placed blades can cause the skater to shift more to an outside or inside edge, and blades that are too sharp can cause less experienced skaters to be more susceptible to injuries.

Malleolar Bursitis: This can be an especially painful injury for skaters, but stretching your boots or heat-fitting them for a customized fit can help prevent the ankle area from becoming irritated and swollen.

Numbness/Tingling: Are your figure skate boots the proper size? If your boots are too small or too tight, it can cause circulation to be cut off to your feet which can cause numbness and ultimately compromise your performance.

To ensure you find the perfect fit, check out this video to see the complete Riedell fitting process, and refer to our Dos and Don’ts of Skate Fitting before heading to your Authorized Riedell Dealer.


*Disclaimer: If you are suffering from an injury, there are many possible causes. Please consult with your doctor and coach before making any adjustments to your equipment or training schedule.