A Riedell History Lesson

Written By: Riedell | August 9, 2012

For more than six decades, Riedell has made ice skates for national, world and Olympic athletes.

Founded in 1947, Riedell Shoes Inc. is located in Red Wing, Minnesota, a historic town along the Mississippi River. Riedell came to life from Paul Riedell’s vision to create beautiful, comfortable, high quality and affordable ice skates. So the legend of Riedell began. Paul went on to become a member of both the roller and figure skating Hall of Fame.

From the beginning, Riedell knew fit was essential for both skating enjoyment and top performance. In the early days, Paul Riedell borrowed a friend’s medical books to study the structure and movement of feet. Combined with his knowledge of figure skating, he developed the most comfortable skate boot design that accommodates the skater’s motions on the ice.

Today the third generation of boot makers (and skating enthusiasts) is working to make sure your feet are happy when you hit the ice—and even hours after! Paul’s grandsons Bob, Dan, Scott and Paul Riegelman, along with 100 skilled employees, handcraft the most complete line of ice skates available in the world.

To see how we get the perfect fit, watch our Riedell Revealed video:



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