Written By: Riedell | June 21, 2010

When I was 4 my mom and dad bought me my first pair of Riedell skates. Since then and with every pair, I have had a world of success. I was featured on the cover of 201 Magazine in them and went on to win gold at: 100 years of Hershey, South Atlantic Regionals, U.S. Games in Colorado, and most recently, The Kristen Hausperg Trophy. I am now 9 and my Riedells have helped me pass all of my moves tests up to Novice, and all Freestyle up to Juvenile. I love my Riedells… Thanks Riedell, for bringing out the best skater in mee –Alexa

Name: Alexa
Age: 9
Location: New Jersey
Boot Model: 1310
Skate Club: SC of NY

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