Written By: Riedell | January 19, 2010

When I was 7 years old my best friend was an ice skater. Now I’ve never been skating before then, so I asked my dad if he could take me skating to surprise her there. I’ve been skating ever since. It was a Wednesday in November 2005. After a month of freeskate in rentals my dad bought me my first pair of skates. Then a little later I saved up my money and got my second pair of skates, my first Riedells. Then I got a more advanced pair of skates–once again Riedells. In August 2008 I quit figure skating but now just this November of 2009, my four year skating anniversary, I went back in with beginner/recreational skates. They are ALREADY falling apart in January 2010 so I’m going to be getting the 255 TS skates hopefully today. Skating is my life!

Age: 11 years old
Location: United States
Boot Model: 255 TS