Why Your Boots Matter So Much in Figure Skating

Written By: Riedell | May 30, 2018

Figure skating boots are much more complicated than most realize. Those within the sport know that when it comes to figure skates, there isn’t one size that fits all. Obviously, one size boot will not fit all skaters, but it’s more than that. With today’s technological advancements, a skater’s figure skating boots can be custom made to conform to that skater’s specific preferences. Whether a skater needs more support after an injury or favors a particular fit and feel, Riedell can make them the boot they need to succeed on the ice.

The Benefits of Custom Figure Skating Boots

At Riedell, our philosophy is, if you can dream it, we can build it! From completely customized figure skates to singularly modified boot configurations, if you need custom figure skating boots, Riedell is the place to go. Our talented master craftsmen will design and build your custom ice skates to exacting specifications and features. We can make allowances in boots for prescription orthotics, high or low arches, toe room, heel spurs, foot irregularities, bunions, and more. But that’s not all. We know that appearance plays its part in a skater’s overall performance, that’s why we offer over 30 different leather color varieties as well as a wide selection of leather temper, firmness, heel height, materials (even vegan materials), and more.  

Sometimes a skater doesn’t need a wholly customized boot made; they may just need one or two aspects of their boot modified. That’s why we offer premium and special modifications as well as custom skate creation. Riedell proudly offers customization options for our stock boots through special and premium make-ups at great low flat rates. Between our special and premium boots, you’re sure to find the boot that’s right for you.

Special boots are any of our stock boots that have one change made to them. That change is up to you! Our premium boots are any of our stock boots with up to three changes. These changes can include width, size variations from heel to toe, color (from 25 color options) and/or material change. Read on below to learn more about our stock boots to find the Riedell figure skating boots that are right for you.

Adult Competitive Series

2010 Fusion

2010 black figure skate boots

Boot: 90 Support Rating – Extra Firm

Tongue: 4.5 Tongue Rating

The fresh, Riedell 2010 Fusion ice skating boot features an aggressive design allowing maximum forward and backward flexibility. TriFusion triple ankle reinforcement offers maximum support. Cork heels and leather soles pair for superior shock absorption and lightweight design. Perforated microfiber lining, quilted tongue padding, and low profile cushioned backstay collar provide an amazingly comfortable fit.

435 Bronze Star

435 Figure Skate boots

Boot: 80 Support Rating –  Firm

Tongue: 4.0 Tongue Rating

Lighter than ever before, the Riedell 435 Bronze Star ice skating boot is designed with firm support and enhanced fit for superb comfort. The Bronze Star is enhanced with double reinforced TriFusion support for durability along with all leather soles and mid-soles for solid foot foundation. Suede microfiber linings provide a beautiful look and an awesome feel.

875 Silver Star

875 figure skate boots

Boot: 90 Support Rating – Extra Firm

Tongue: 4.5 Tongue Rating

The sleek new Riedell 875 Silver Star ice skating boot is redesigned for strength and comfort. Double reinforced Trifusion provides just the right ankle support. Perforated microfiber lining for smooth comfort and breathability. Leather soles with cork heels offer lightweight durability. Comfortable forefoot padding and quilted tongue offers improved comfort.

1375 Gold Star

1375 figure skate boot

Boot: 95 Support Rating – Extra Firm

Tongue: 5.0 Tongue Rating

The Riedell 1375 Gold Star contains traditional durable top grain leather lining, double layer TriFusion reinforcement and a third layer of reinforcement that can be heat molded for the perfect fit. TriFusion support balanced with the comfort of foam padding and glove-like fit make Golds Star boots a top competitor’s top choice. The reinforced tongue now comes with a breathable perforated lining over our half-inch of foam padding. This boot features a taller toe box and internal forefoot flex for foot comfort on those perfect landings. The 1375 Gold Star has an innovative cork/leather heel that provides additional weight reduction, optimal support, and impact absorption. The NEW water-resistant and ultra-tough outsole ensures that you are landing on a long-lasting and solid foundation.

3030 Aria

3030 aria figure skate boot

Boot: 100 Support Rating – Extra Firm

Tongue: 5.0 Tongue Rating

The Riedell 3030 Aria ice skating boot is our most advanced, sleek, strong, and lightweight boot! Designed for top competitors, The Aria is for high-level freestyle skaters looking to gain a competitive edge.

Inside the Aria, TriFusion triple reinforcement provides our firmest support and can be heat molded for the perfect fit. TriFusion support is balanced with the comfort of strategically placed padding for the demands of a top competitor. Also the Aria’s taller toe box and an internal forefoot relief increase foot comfort on those perfect landings. Our innovative leather/cork heel and leather outsole provide additional weight reduction, optimal support, and impact absorption. Aria’s one of a kind micro-internal midsole technology further reduces weight and keeps you closer to the ice for added control.

The Aria is now improved with a stronger perforated leather lining that has an antimicrobial treatment for long wear. This special lining will also resist internal moisture while wicking sweat away from the foot, making it the tops for comfort and breathability!

The winning balance of long-lasting comfort and support in the 3030 Aria skating boot – the world’s lightest ice skate – is a top choice!

Find Your Perfect Figure Skating Boot With Riedell

A good pair of boots is a skater’s best friend. Once you find the configuration that works best for you, you’ll immediately feel the difference between your new customized skates and your older models. We’ve dedicated over 65 years to researching and creating the best figure skating boots possible. The process for crafting and ordering custom skates is easy. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. Or, if you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our Pinterest board!