Breaking Down Boot Recommendations: Competitive & Elite Skaters

Written By: Riedell | November 17, 2011

Last week, we shared information about the figure skate boots we design for beginning to intermediate skaters. Today, we’re jumping into boots that elite skaters like Rachael Flatt and Joannie Rochette rely on when they hit the ice.

Competitive skaters require ice skates that will withstand intense jumps, spins, intricate footwork and long hours on the ice training and performing. This means boots in our Competitive Series are designed with durable materials and features unique to Riedell—like Flex Notch, Tongue Lace Bar and Heel Lock Stabilizer (exclusive to our HLS 1500 boot)—that provide skaters with comfortable, flexible stability and support.

For advancing competitive skaters:

Those skaters who are still learning techniques and improving jumps will find that the 435 TS and 1310 LS are ideal. The 435 TS will meet the needs of skaters in ISI Freestyle 1 through 7 test levels and USFSA Basic 6 through Freestyle 5. Once skaters have mastered double toe loops and mov7 onto double flip jumps and double Lutz’s, you may want to advance to another boot model that meets the needs of ISI Freestyle Levels 8-10 and other corresponding USFSA and Canadian testing levels.

The 1310 LS is a Light Series boot (lightweight with a lower cushioned backstay collar) and is designed for ISI and USFSA Basic Skills Freestyle 3 -5.

For advanced competitive and elite skaters:

Our 875 TS, HLS 1500 (sported by Joannie Rochette!), 1375 Gold Star Classic (Rachael Flatt rocks it) and 2010 LS have been designed with the most elite skaters in mind. All of these boots are designed with high performance materials.

  • The 1375 Gold Star Classic has a Vibration Dampening Outsole (VDO) that allows for improved shock absorption—perfect for landing jumps!
  • Our HLS 1500 is the only boot to include Riedell’s Heel Lock Stabilizer, which keeps heels in place for more precise control.
  • The 2010 LS, like the 13010 LS is part of our Light Series. The 2010 LS is designed with ultra-lightweight cork heels and is 20% lighter than conventional ice skates!
Choosing the correct blade:

As for blades, the Eclipse Aurora, Quantum,  Infinity and Pinnacle will provide competitive skaters with the control, stability and maneuverability necessary. Learn more about all of our Eclipse Blades in our Catalog including our lightweight options!

Remember that when choosing a boot and blade combination, your test level is only one component. For more detailed recommendations on which Riedell boot is best for you, visit your Authorized Riedell Dealer or check our handy boot range chart. They can help you find the boot that best fits your foot and meets your skating needs.

Happy Skating!