Written By: Riedell | February 16, 2012

Four and a half years ago I started skating in a Learn to Skate program as an adult. The facility had Riedell rental skates and they sharpened and set a pair aside just for me.

Two months into my Learn to Skate program I fell in love with ice skating and ordered my first pair of Blue Ribbon skates from Riedell. I was very eager to learn new tricks each week, quickly making it though the Basic Skills program.

One year later I ordered Riedell’s 1310 LS  and the equipment upgrade helped me achieve so many advanced skating skills. I quickly added bigger, higher jumps to my routines. Now as a professional coach, I recommend Riedell to my students and they too couldn’t be happier with their Riedell skates.

I am always proud to say, “I skate Riedell!”


Location: Nevada
Boot Model: 1310 LS