Cheat Sheet on Sochi: Home of the 2014 Winter Games

Written By: Riedell | December 13, 2013

In less than two months, sports fans from across the world will turn their attention to Sochi, Russia as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games commence. The Winter Games only come around once every four years, so there’s a lot to look forward to during this global, two-week event in which world-class athletes compete in categories like skiing, skating, bobsleigh and more.

While Sochi does not typically attract much cold weather, the snow will still be plentiful as 500 snow guns prepare to make artificial snow. Mother Nature, on the other hand, has already provided a thick blanket of snow in Riedell’s hometown of Red Wing, Minnesota! You might be surprised to learn the two cities of Sochi and Red Wind share a number of impressive qualities.

  • River runners. Impressive bodies of water run through the cities of Sochi and Red Wing. The Mzymta River, among others, runs through Sochi and empties into the Black Sea. The Mighty Mississippi, dividing the Eastern and Western United States, runs through Red Wing as it makes its way to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Vacation destinations. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, the two cities of Sochi and Red Wing are both attractive destinations for those looking for some time off from the real world. With Sochi’s prime view of the Caucasus Mountain and numerous parks, and Red Wing’s Barn Bluff and historic museums, each city offers their own relaxing and scenic attractions.
  • Sporting experts. Both Sochi and Red Wing have excelled in contributing to the greater good of sport throughout the world. Sochi is well known for its tennis training, having advanced the careers of Grand Slam tennis champions. Red Wing is, well, home to a world famous skate maker.

There you have it. Who knew Sochi and Red Wing had so much in common? Keep an eye out for more similarities during the run of the 2014 Winter Games!