Correct Skating Foot Issues with the R-Fit Footbed Kit

Written By: Riedell | April 27, 2016

Many figure skaters struggle with arch support, slippage, foot pain, ankle strain, collapsed arches and other issues. Riedell Skates has developed the R-Fit Footbed Kit to help alleviate these figure skating foot problems. Pulling from years of competitive skating and coaching experience, we’ve designed a comprehensive solution to the most common issues all skaters face.

Endorsed by podiatrist and former figure skater Dr. Ross Nelson, DPM, of the Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, the R-Fit Footbed Kit’s customizable base helps reverse supination and pronation, correct foot alignment and reduce pain in the ball and arch of the foot.

In the video below, Riedell’s Dan Riegelman explains how the R-Fit’s no-slip polymer base, variable arch support, heel lift and heel wedge fix many of the most common figure skating foot problems and make it easy for skaters of every foot size and shape relieve pain and improve performance.

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