Defy Gravity with the Eclipse Quantum Figure Skate Blade

Written By: Riedell | September 23, 2016

Eclipse Blades™, part of Riedell Skates Company, offers competitive skaters a beautiful blade with true edge consistency and improved rake engagement.

Designed and made in North America, Eclipse Blades are made by master craftsmen using the best combination of tradition and technology to create the most consistent blades and edges available. Eclipse Blades are made with the highest quality materials in the world for strength and resilience. Computer-controlled laser cutting, soldering, chrome application and stamping result in consistent, precision edges and better ice engagement. Eclipse Blades are not only beautiful; they are simply a better blade.

Eclipse Blades are available in nine models: Infinity, Infinity Titanium, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Titanium, Aurora, Dance, Volant, Cosmos and our newest, Quantum!

With the NEW lightweight Quantum figure skate blade, you get the same profile that you loved in the Aurora, in a lightweight blade!

The lightweight Quantum Blade has been precisely and meticulously engineered to the highest standards so that you can move faster, jump higher and stay on the ice longer.

The Quantum Blade is made from a harder 6005 Aluminum and features a permanently affixed, stronger, rust-resistant 440 Stainless Steel runner ̶  that holds an edge longer! It’s 7-foot radius allows for graceful, versatile freestyle movement and a cross cut toe pick provides exceptional stability.


Cross-Cut Rake

Did we mention that the Quantum Blade doesn’t need a specialty jig for sharpening? Now you can have an aluminum-framed blade and get a consistent, long-lasting sharpening, without hassle!

The lightweight, precision and long-term performance of the Quantum is available now at your Authorized Dealer!

We did all of the math on Quantum so that you can defy gravity. * Take a look at how Quantum stacks up against the leading competitors’ blades:


A skater’s gear should never stand between them and greatness. That’s why Riedell products are handcrafted to support figure skaters’ passion and complement their skills at every level. We pride ourselves on continuously innovating to bring skaters the best figure skating products and accessories for four generations (and counting).

At Riedell®, our passion is in producing the highest quality skating boots and blades to help skaters get the most out of every time they hit the ice. We keep the physical demands of the sport and the needs of a skater at the core of everything that we do. We believe in continually raising the bar on the quality that you, the skater, have come to expect from skating equipment. At Riedell, we produce the highly competitive equipment that has helped skaters like Kurt Browning, Joannie Rochette, Johnny Weir, Rachael Flatt and many more achieve their hopes and dreams.

Wear the best to be your best!

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Happy skating, #TeamRiedell and #TeamEclipse!

*Among leading competitor blades as found on competitor websites.