Experience Eclipse Blades: Simply a Better Blade

Written By: Riedell | June 20, 2011

We know blades are such an important factor in your success on the ice, so we created a blade with superior design and unmatched consistency to help you eclipse expectations each time you enter the rink. Our new line of competitive figure skate blades, Eclipse Blades launched in February 2011, and we are thrilled with the figure blade we’ve created and designed in North America. So are many skaters across the country who have skated on Eclipse, including Ryan Santee.

[quote]I started wearing Eclipse Infinity in February. I like them a lot! I feel very grounded on my landings and more centered in my spins. Also, the blades look cool right out of the box. You feel like you are about to use a very special blade.
—Ryan Santee, Novice Men’s Competitor, coached by Jamie Lynn Santee[/quote]

For those skaters, parents and coaches who haven’t yet experienced Eclipse, there are a number of reasons that Eclipse is quite simply, a better blade. Here are 5 reasons you need to experience Eclipse today:

  1. Consistency: from how each blade looks to how each blade feels. Skaters and coaches can trust that with each pair of Eclipse, everything from the welding to the sole plates to the heel lifts will be the same. So you’ll feel more confident and secure on the ice.
  2. Our Chrome Relief Toe Rakes aren’t just beautiful; they help skaters have crisper, cleaner and more secure engagement with the ice. What does that mean for you? Higher jumps and sharper turns. Eclipse is the only blade on the market with chrome relief rakes!
  3. Just like Ryan Santee said in his testimonial, Eclipse Blades’ packaging makes you feel like you are about to skate on a very special blade. Unlike other ice skate blade manufacturers that ship blades in tissue paper, Eclipse Blades are packaged in customized foam to protect them from scratching and to maintain their beautiful finish.
  4. Eclipse Blades are designed in Red Wing, Minnesota and are manufactured in North American using the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technology. Eclipse Blades’ Carbon 1075 Steel provides the proper balance between hardness for edges and smooth sharpening.
  5. Try a pair of Eclipse Blades without worry! Because each pair of Eclipse Blades comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with their performance, send them back—no questions asked. Although, we have a feeling once you step on the ice sporting Eclipse, you won’t want to ever take them off.

Bonus for coaches and skate sharpeners: No special equipment is needed for Eclipse Blades!

With four models in the Eclipse Blades line, there is a blade for every skater. Check back later this week when we launch an updated Dealer Locator to find Authorized Eclipse Blades dealers worldwide. But in the meantime, call your local Riedell Authorized Dealer to see if they carry Eclipse and check out the Eclipse Blades catalog.