Ditch the Guesswork and Get Sized to Find Your Fit

Written By: Riedell | June 12, 2014

Are you on the lookout for a new pair of skates? Our 2014 product line has the perfect fit for any skater. Take a look around to find a boot that matches your skating needs. You can even customize a pair to compliment your unique style! Once you figure out how your boot will look, take time to find the perfect fit. Use this advice from our sizing experts to make sure you land the right pair!

Don’t Assume

While it’s easy to assume that your skate size corresponds with the size of your street shoe, that is rarely the case! But oftentimes it may be necessary to estimate size due to customer location, retailer inventory levels, etc. For ladies skate sizing, the rule of thumb is to go down approximately ½ – 1 size from street shoe sizing. In general, men’s skates will fit similar to their street shoe measurement, sometimes going down ½ a size depending on the shape of the individual’s foot.

Size Right

It’s best to have the skater measured and sized by a knowledgeable skate fitter and to have the skate properly prepared for fitting. When being fit, the foot should be placed securely into the back of the skate by tapping the heel back into the boot. Then, start with the lacing over the toes. Use firm and snug tension up to the ankle area and slightly less tension at the top to allow proper foot placement and good ankle flexibility. When standing, the skaters heels should remain securely down in the boot and the big toes should lightly brush the front of the boot.

Riedell wants you to feel and skate your best. If you need help finding a location to fit and purchase your skates, please visit our dealer locator.