Four Tips to Gear Up This Season

Written By: Riedell | September 4, 2014

Last week we shared the lineup of Junior Grand Prix events happening across the world over the next few months. These events are the kickoff to a breakthrough season for Riedell skaters worldwide! Are you ready?

Whether you’re a seasoned skater with plans to compete or someone who just loves letting loose on the ice for fun, consider these four tips to help gear up and skate your best all season long:

  • Equipment check. A new season may also mean new gear. If you grew out of last season’s equipment, find a local Riedell dealer and they’ll help you find a figure skate boot with the perfect fit.
  • Spot a deal. Keep an eye out for preseason sales. If you’re near the Twin Cities metro, stop by Strauss Skates & Bicycles this weekend, September 5-7, for closeout deals like 30% off Riedell skates and equipment. Our representatives will be available to answer any questions.
  • Bring the heat. Riedell skates are built to form to your feet with heat activation. Carefully follow our heat molding instructions and your skates will be ready to cool down on the ice in no time!
  • Break the ice. In addition to heat activation, our skaters often suggest the best way to break in a new pair of skates is simply by skating in them! So, now that you’re all geared up, take it to the ice for another fantastic season!

Happy skating!