How to Get a Custom Fit in Your Figure Skates

Written By: Riedell | August 21, 2018

Whether you’re new to the figure skating world or have been skating for years, there is no doubt that one of the most important parts of the sport are the type of skates you have. Having a proper fitting boot can prevent injury, blisters, and improve performance. While basic skates may be alright for a beginner, custom-fitted figure skates are a great option for more advanced skaters that can allow them to perform at their best.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to custom figure skates such as your skill level, the amount of time you spend on the ice, the stiffness of the boot, and your foot length and width. Making sure you have proper fitting skates can prevent discomfort and injury on the ice. Fitting figure skates can be challenging, although going to an authorized fitter is ideal, if you are unable to do so Riedell’s guide to sizing your skates is a good place to start.

Riedell craftsmen are able to build your boot from the ground up, customizing anything and everything from the color and firmness to heel height, as well as creating allowances for prescription orthotics, high or low arches, toe room, and more. With all of these options, you can get a skate that is built uniquely for your feet. Having custom figure skates is a huge benefit to all skaters. With boots that are made just for your feet you’re likely to have fewer injuries and have increased comfort while skating. Let your personality shine through by customizing the design however you want, as well!

Boot and Blade

In order to get started on figuring out the best boot and blade options for you, you need to assess your skill level. As you progress in skating, learning new jumps and skills, your equipment needs will also need to be adjusted. Choosing the right boot and blade is not an easy decision to make. They are designed with performance in mind. Certain boots and blades have features that are better suited for different skills.

If you are unsure where to begin when looking for the type of boot and blade you want, use our figure skate boot and blade guides to help you determine your perfect match. The most important factor in determining which boot and blade to buy is your focus and skill level in figure skating. A beginner practicing stops or bunny hops will have different needs for boots and blades than the those of a skater working on triple jumps.

The figure skate boot and blade guides divide skating skills into categories called “Riedell Ranges.” Each range matches jumps, spins, and test levels to equipment appropriate for your skill range. Several Riedell Skate model options are available at each range. Whatever your skating skill level, Riedell has a skate for you.

Level One Skates from Riedell

In the first level, most skills that are being practiced are marching, gliding, dips, and swizzles. You are not likely learning jumps or spins just yet, as you are either just a beginner or only skating recreationally. If you fall into this level, you will likely want a boot that has light and soft support. Boots from our soft series, such as the Sparkle, or boots from our gem series, such as the Diamond are great options. Good beginner blades for skaters at this level would be the Luna or Capri blades. Both are made from stainless steel and designed for beginner level skating.

Level Two Skates from Riedell

In the second level, you have moved on to practice skills such as basic gliding, edges, all stops, lunges, and bunny hops. Though you probably haven’t started learning any jumps, two-foot spins are probably being introduced. Boots and blades for this level will likely be the same as those for level one.

Level Three Skates from Riedell

In level three, spins become more complicated and you start to learn single jumps. The skills you might be progressing on are waltz jumps, salchow, and toe loops. For this level, you are likely starting to become more focused on your figure skating skills and wanting to upgrade to boots and blades that match. Boots that have more firmness and higher tongue rating will be your go-to. A good option for skaters in this level are the 435 Bronze Star boots. This customizable boot is designed with firm support and enhanced fit for maximum comfort. Blades for this skill level will likely be those from our mid-range series. Cosmos, Volant, and Aurora blades are the best options.

Level Four Skates from Riedell

In the fourth level, the skills you have most likely progressed to are the loop, flip, lutz, and axel. By now you should have learned all single jumps and combination spins while progressing to flying spins. You could create a completely customized boot, or choose a boot such as the 2010 Fusion boot, that provides maximum forward and backward flexibility, ankle reinforcement, and a comfortable fit all around. As for blades in this level, you have a lot of options to choose from any series aside from our beginner series.

Level Five Skates from Riedell

In level five, you are likely a more advanced skater with skills such as axel, double salchow, double toe loop, double loop, and double flip. Double spins are second nature to you and you’re close to mastering flying jumps. With these advanced skills, you likely want boots and blades to be able to provide the support and comfort to match. Boots with a higher support rating will be a good fit, such as the 1375 Gold Star.

Level Six Skates from Riedell

The highest level on our guide, at level six you have likely mastered almost all jumps and spins, and the skills you are learning are extremely advanced. As a highly advanced skater, you probably have a good understanding of what boots and blades work best for you, but if you need some guidance, the 3030 Aria skates are a great option. The extremely lightweight boot is a top choice for competitors.

Find Your Perfect Skates with Riedell

As you are deciding whether or not customized boots are the right option for you, remember that in figure skating, there is no such thing as one size fits all. It is important to find a boot and blade combination that provides the best support and comfort for your unique feet and preference. With over 65 dedicated years to researching and creating the best figure skating boots possible, Riedell can help you find your ideal figure skates.