Hailey Blodgett, 2022 Olympian?

Written By: Riedell | February 18, 2010

We are all inspired by the amazing athletes competing in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Many of us watch in awe thinking, “they are amazing!” and “how do they do that?”  But in Morrisville, New York, 6 year old Riedell skater Hailey Blodgett watches the figure skating programs and thinks, “I want that to be me someday!”  The young skater has high hopes for the 2022 Winter Games (she still has 10 years until she is eligible to compete).

Hailey is dedicated to her practice time and improving her technique and abilities and she performs regularly at Colgate Men’s Hockey Games.  She recently performed a routine she choreographed herself to Eye of the Tiger (the routine even included sit ups and push ups on the ice to get into the Rocky spirit!) at the Colgate-Cornell game. With every performance, her eye is on the gold.

What drives you to practice your hardest everyday? Do you have dreams of someday competing in the Olympics?