Heat Molding Figure Skates: A Little Heat Provides the Perfect Fit

Written By: Riedell | June 5, 2014

So you just got a brand new pair of Riedell skates? Congratulations! After choosing the perfect boots and having them sized, you can customize your new skates for a perfect fit. Riedell skates are built with materials that allow the boot to conform to your foot with heat activation. Heat molding is something we’ve offered for a long time. It’s a simple and effective method that can be done at home or with your authorized dealer! We wrote some general guidelines back in 2011, but with new materials in our new product line, we decided it was time for a few updated tips. So let’s get started!

Carefully follow these instructions for the perfect fit:

It’s best to use a convection oven (one that has air displacement) instead of a conventional oven because the heat is more evenly distributed. If using a conventional oven, be sure that the bottoms do not get too hot since the heat source is radiating from the bottom only.


  • Stand your skates up—DO NOT lay them on their sides—the white urethane coating will melt!
  • Place the soles (if no blades are mounted) on a towel or oven pad in the oven to avoid getting them dirty
  • Make sure your boots are not touching each other when in the oven
  • Be CAREFUL when removing the skates as the metal hooks will get very HOT
  • DO NOT walk in your boots unless the blades are attached (you could overstretch them in a way they are not designed)


  1.  Preheat oven to 180 degrees F
    •  Oven times
      • Recreational skates (Support levels 20-40)   4 minutes
      • Instructional skates (Support levels 50-70)    5 minutes
      • Competitive skates  (Support levels 80-100)  7 minutes
  1. Place your skates in the oven standing straight up
  2. After baking for the prescribed interval, remove your skates and flex the heel counters open for easy foot placement into skates
  3. Once your foot is in the boot, lightly tap the heels to set them into the heel cup of your boots
  4. Lace the boot up with very snug tension (snugger than you would normally for skating) to enable the boots to mold properly over your feet
  5. Leave your skates on for 10 minutes while they are molding to your feet, with feet flat on floor, occasionally flexing forward and back to mold
  6. Remove the skates from your feet and allow them to cool for 5 minutes
  7. Put the skates back on, lace them up and note fit

Above all, be careful and stay safe when heat molding your new skates. If it’s something you don’t feel comfortable doing, swing by your local authorized Riedell dealer and they can help you out. Happy skating!