Holiday Gifts for a Figure Skater in Your Life

Written By: Riedell | November 29, 2023

Holiday jingles are hitting the shops, and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg is in the air, signaling the return of the cheery winter season. It’s many people’s favorite time of the year and presents the perfect opportunity to show the special people in your life how much you care about them.

Now is the perfect time to find a gift for the figure skater in your life who brightens your chilly days. Whether they’re just starting out or have already nailed those jumps and spins, we’ve got you covered with a variety of gift ideas. So, let’s kick off this festive season with some thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to make your favorite skater’s holiday season memorable.

Young Ice Skater Gifts

Whether just starting out or still getting the hang of moving on the ice, young ice skaters will love getting figure skating themed gifts during the winter holidays. Young skaters might enjoy new clothes or accessories that help them feel their best during practices and performances. A new pair of high-quality tights, a new outfit for competitions, or even just a simple pair of winter gloves to keep their hands warm are all thoughtful gifts that relate to their passion.

Of course, while it’s important to dress for success on the ice, young children might not be as enthused by a new jacket or pair of tights as teens and older skaters. Instead, consider gifting very young skaters something that’s creative and more suitable for their age range. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Scrapbook: Scrapbooks are excellent gifts for figure skaters, especially children. They can decorate it to their taste, and the book will grow with them as they add pictures, memorabilia, and other keepsakes from their figure skating journey.
  • Movies: Get together a collection of heartwarming and inspirational movies about figure skating, like the 2005 hit Ice Princess. It’s a great way to help young skaters connect with their passion.
  • Balance Board: Balance boards give kids (and adults) a fun way to practice maintaining their balance. This will give your young skater a fun way to pursue their off-the-ice training– plus, it’ll be a hit at sleepovers!

Gifts for Pros

Skaters who have already entered an advanced level of skating would probably enjoy more mature gifts than the ones we suggested for young skaters. Of course, you can’t go wrong with offering some skating apparel, but aside from a new jacket or pair of gloves, there are plenty of other ideas to consider. 

One sweet idea is a charm bracelet with snowflakes, ice skates, and other figure skating related charms. An even more sentimental option is to get a necklace or bracelet engraved with an important date, like their very first day of practice or the date of a competition they’re particularly proud of participating in.

A stylish and easy-to-carry ice skating bag is also a great gift option that marries practicality with thoughtfulness. You could also offer them a gift card to their local coffee shop– it’s a great way to warm up after spending hours on the ice! 

If none of those ideas seem particularly appealing, delve deep into what you know about your skater’s particular likes and dislikes. Would they enjoy a pass to the local cinema so they can wind down in their off time? Or perhaps they’d prefer something more casual and functional, like monogrammed apparel.

Practical Ice Skate Gifts

Thankfully, if the skater in your life is the practical type, there are a wide variety of options to choose from that would suit young skaters and pros. A brand new pair of custom Riedell ColorLab Skates is the perfect gift for a figure skater of any age. With over 35 leather, metallic leather, and suede leather colors, this is the perfect option for gifting a skater something that’s uniquely suited to their tastes. 

Whether new or experienced, these ideas are the perfect practical gifts for a figure skater:

  • Skate Blade Covers: Fun and practical, colorful or personalized skate blade covers are excellent ice skate gifts.
  • Skating Practice Notebook: Studious skaters will love a personalized notebook where they can jot down notes and keep track of their progress.
  • Skate Guards: Help your skater by gifting them skate guards to protect their blades when walking off the ice.
  • Skating Lesson Vouchers or Ice Passes: Give your skater the gift of more time with vouchers for lessons or passes for more time on the ice.
  • Off-The-Ice Training Gear: Put together a few off-the-ice training aids for a gift bundle. You could include a yoga ball, sliding discs, and a stretching band.
  • Insulated Bottle: All athletes need to stay hydrated! A high-quality water bottle or a thermal mug to keep their coffee warm while they’re on the ice makes for an excellent gift. 
  • Subscription To A Meditation App: Skaters need to remain calm on the ice despite the pressure they might feel during competitions. A subscription to a meditation app could help them learn new techniques to calm their minds and feel more confident.

Shop for Ice Skater Gifts With Riedell

Whether you’re looking for a new pair of skates, skating apparel, or skating accessories to give to your athlete this holiday season, you’ll find high-quality options with Riedell. Make your skater’s holiday season memorable and practical with one of our awesome gift ideas.