Ice Skate Buyers Help: Do Ice Skates Run Big or Small?

Written By: Riedell | February 15, 2023

Generally speaking, ice skates tend to run smaller than a shoe of the same size. However, the way ice skates fit varies greatly among brands and even among various models within a brand. Due to this, you should always measure your foot directly and base the skate size you purchase on that measurement. 

At Riedell, our figure skates are built with the athlete in mind who needs a snug fit and competitive edge. With a proper fit, there will be a small gap between the toe and inside of the boot. To properly fit a Riedell skate, measure your foot’s length and width. Ideally, having someone take the measurements will give you a more accurate number. Once you have your measurement for each foot, then use our sizing chart to find your size. 

It’s important to choose the right size skate so that they fit comfortably and provide the best performance while out on the ice. To help you make an informed decision when buying ice skates, here’s an in-depth guide to understanding ice skate sizing, choosing the right size skates, and measuring your feet for ice skates.

Benefits of Wearing Properly Fitting Ice Skates

When you wear properly fitting ice skates, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with skating. You’ll be able to move faster and more efficiently on the ice, you’ll experience less fatigue, and you’ll reduce your risk of injury due to poor form. Additionally, wearing properly fitted ice skates gives you better control over your skating movements so you can perform at an optimal level.

Expert Advice on Selecting the Right Size Ice Skates

When selecting the right size ice skates, it’s best to get expert advice from a professional skate fitter or experienced salesperson. They can help you find a pair of skates that are properly fitted for your feet, provide ample support and flexibility, and meet your specific needs as a skater. It’s also important to get advice on how to break in your new skates properly once you buy them.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Ice Skates

There are common mistakes people make when buying ice skates: 

  • Buying them too large. While having room in your ice skates is good, going too big can cause them to be uncomfortable and cause blisters or hot spots. 
  • Avoid buying used skates if possible, as they may be poorly fitted for your feet or suffer from wear and tear. 
  • Break in your new skates. Here are some expert tips on conforming your skates to your feet for the best fit. 
  • Make sure the skates are properly laced and tied so your feet are secure. 

Ice Skates: An Evolution in Proper Fit 

From the time ice skates were fashioned from long animal bones fastened to the feet with leather straps (as far back as 3000 BC), the fit and function of skates has evolved considerably. 

Over time, metal blades were introduced and became the standard for ice skating.

In the 20th century, skating brands such as Riedell began to focus on creating skates that provided a better fit. This was achieved through advancements in materials and construction techniques, such as the use of heat-moldable materials and custom-fit liners. 

Riedell, in particular, introduced skates with improved footbeds, contoured cuffs, and greater support for the ankle and arch.

As technology continued to advance, Riedell improved the manufacturing process and incorporated new materials such as titanium to create lighter and more durable skates.

In recent years, Riedell has continued to innovate and offer skates with advanced features, such as military grade microfiber uppers and shock-absorbing padding, to provide an even better fit and comfort for skaters.

EvoFit, the Latest Technology in Skate Fit

When Riedell Skates was established in 1945, it had just one mission: to make the best ice and roller skates available. In an effort to reach the same perfection that motivated our founders to transform the skate industry more than 70 years ago, we continue to develop the technology we bring to our products and only work with the most skilled artisans who bring our ideas to life.

Riedell is in the process of phasing in a new last that is more comfortable for a grab-and-go fit. EvoFit last technology is already present in the Elara and Vega boots. 

This technology provides a broader toe shape for added comfort and allows toes to lay flat, as well as a snug heel fit for better control and a higher heel for improved forward-foot position. The EvoFit last technology helps ice skaters maximize their performance by providing a comfortable and secure fit.

The new Gem Series beginner skatesRuby, Topaz, and Crystal – will be the latest Riedell Skates to feature the EvoFit technology and are available now for purchase.

Now is the time to get your hands on a pair of ice skates that provide maximum performance and comfort! With several Riedell skates featuring the revolutionary EvoFit last technology, you’ll be able to take your skating skills to the next level and optimize your performance on the ice. Get yours today!