Is Ice Skating a Good First Date Idea?

Written By: Riedell | October 31, 2022

Absolutely! Ice skating makes for a great first date. In fact, dating experts and journalists often name ice skating in their lists of best first date ideas. That includes Refinery29 writer Maria Del Russo, who ranked ice skating as one of the best first date options that aren’t the cliché dinner and a movie choice.  

So, what makes ice skating a good first date? As manufacturers of quality ice skates with a history of passion for the activity, we can think of a few reasons. Read on to learn more.  

3 Reasons Why Ice Skating Is a Good First Date Idea

#1 Ice Skating is Affordable!

Ice skating rarely costs much. Oftentimes it’s free if you’re using a public rink or pond. Rinks that charge for use cost anywhere from a few dollars to $15 or $20. Search your local area for rink options to see what their rates are; most of them will have rates on their website.

That said, if you’ve already got a pair of ice skates, you shouldn’t have to spend much more to get out on the ice and get to know one another. Just make sure the skates are clean, sharp, and ready to go. 

#2 Ice Skating Provides an Opportunity for Conversation

Another reason why you should ice skate for your first date: the opportunity for conversation. Spending the night at a movie theater may sound like fun, but it’s hardly a way to get to know your date. 

Gliding on ice with a partner will open up time for a good back-and-forth session in ways other dates simply won’t. Try preparing some questions ahead of time or maybe come up with a few fun stories from your childhood.

#3 Ice Skating Is Adventurous

Who doesn’t love a casual adventure? Ice skating is among the best ways to enjoy the elements without too much physical strain. You bundle up in your winter coat and favorite scarf and venture out into the cool air on an ice rink with some company – in this case, a new friend. 

Maybe your new date will need some help skating or maybe they’ll offer you some tips. The next thing you’ll know–even if there isn’t a second date–you’ll have made a memory having braved the unknown.   

Tips for Beginners & Casual Ice Skaters 

Looking to ice skate for a first date but unsure if you’re doing it right? Riedell is here to help! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Remember warm clothes. 
  • Double-check your boot fit. An ice skating boot that fits well will provide comfort and support to all parts of your foot. Laces should be tied snugly but not too tight. Skates should be a bit more fitted than a street shoe- you don’t want your foot moving around inside the skate.   
  • Pay attention to the rules of the rink. What direction are people skating in? When does the rink close? 
  • Try to maintain a good balance and a consistent center of gravity. Keep arms stretched out and skate with a slight bend of the knee.
  • Always look straight ahead while skating. 
  • Stop on your skates using the snowplow method, bending your knees and pushing your feet into a V position (pointing toes in) until you come to a stop.  

For more, check out our recent blog on ice skating tips for beginners. 

Ice Skates for Beginners & Competitive Skaters 

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