Written By: Riedell | August 9, 2010

My first pair of Riedell boots was for beginning skaters and they were fabulous for my first couple of years, until I advanced to the Delta level. Then, I passed Delta and Gamma at the same time and became a Freestyle level skater. My skates weren’t doing the best job, so we started looking at other Riedell models and Jackson skates. Riedell fit better so it was an easy choice: Riedell. Then we started asking pro shop dealers.

My friend had Riedell boots and she said they hurt for 6 weeks so I got scared. But I went to University of Delaware to be fitted and found I fit in the same size as the previous year. During the fitting, I had to stand without bending my knees for ten minutes in my skates and my legs started to burn. But when I skated at the Gold Arena the boots and blades felt a lot different and they didn’t hurt at all. Thank you so much for support, comfort, style, and quality in your boots and blades.

Name: Jessica
Age: 13
Location: Trappe, MD
Skate Club: Talbot Figure Skating Team

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