Just Your Average High School Senior

Written By: Riedell | January 27, 2010

She’s just a typical high school teenager who loves drinking lemonade, reading Dan Brown books and who has a glass of chocolate milk before bed every night. But this “average” California high school senior is anything but. Rachael Flatt is an upcoming Olympian who earned her spot on the U.S. Women’s Figure Skating team over the weekend with her stellar performance at Nationals. Even with her intense practice schedule and the mounting pressures of the world stage at the Vancouver Games, Rachael has earned straight A’s and applied to Ivy League schools across the nation where she hopes to study biomedical engineering or medicine. Rachael has been featured in many magazine and newspaper articles, including this article in People Magazine, while becoming an American favorite for the medals podium!

 Rachael’s busy schedule forces her to have great time management skills to balance her school work, practice schedule and social life. How do you balance a busy schedule? Share your tips with us!