Written By: Riedell | November 19, 2012

I can remember when I received my first pair of Riedell ice skates as if it were yesterday. It was on the Christmas morning of 1972. I was seven years old. From that moment forward I skated freestyle, figures and precision (as they used to call it). In the mid-1980s, I “retired” from personal skating and pursued just being a teen. At that time I was wearing a pair of Riedell Royals of which I am still sporting today!

My passion for skating led me back to the ice years later—this time coaching Snow Plow Sam and some beginner levels. For over 10 years now, my goal as an instructor has been to compliment the LTS (Learn to Skate) group lesson and/or the serious recreational skater with the necessary ingredients to strive for their personal best. My hope has been to be more than just a teacher, but a good role model and mentor. Whether young or old, I believe ice skating lends itself to physical, psychological and social developments. And I am proud to say I have succeeded in doing so in my Riedell Royals!

Name: Karen
Location: Michigan
Boot Model: Riedell Royals
Skate Club: Ice Mountain FSC