Keep Your Figure Skate Blades Beautiful

Written By: Riedell | April 21, 2011

Keeping your figure skate blades in tip-top shape is important for skaters of all levels because the condition of blades directly impacts your performance on the ice. It’s all about keeping edges in top condition, and maintenance begins as soon as you step off of the ice.  Here are a few simple tips for the next time you hit the rink:

  • Wear blade guards as soon as you leave the ice or rubberized surface to avoid scraping or chipping the top layer of chrome. If you don’t, you leave the steel underneath vulnerable to corrosion from moisture.
  • When you remove your skates and take off the guards, wipe blades dry. Use blade blankets to protect your blades as they return to room temperature. Make sure both the skate blade and the mounting surfaces are dry. Keeping the mounting area dry prevents screws from rusting and your boot’s leather from rotting.
  • Most of us are in a rush when leaving the rink, but when possible, wipe blades again after letting them sit for a couple minutes because water droplets (condensation) form on your blades as a result of returning to room temperature.
  • When it’s time to store blades in your skate bag, always put them in soakers. These help to draw off any remaining moisture, and more importantly protect blade edges while inside your bag. Tip: never store blades in hard guards. Why? They hold moisture which can cause rust damage.
  • Make sure your figure skate blade guards are in good condition, and replace them when necessary.
  • Finally, have your blades sharpened regularly by a trained technician for best results. Find a nearby Authorized Riedell Dealer here.

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