Kiri Baga headed to Tokyo!

Written By: Riedell | October 19, 2009

In the final leg of the Junior Grand Prix Series, Riedell Junior skater Kiri Baga delivered a beautiful performance that earned scores high enough to send her to Tokyo, Japan to compete in the Junior Grand Prix Finals December 3 – 6.

You’ll be surprised to learn Kiri arrived in Istanbul only the evening before her performance due to visa issues, causing her to miss her official practice. But, the travel stresses and missed practice were unnoticeable in her performance as Kiri landed a triple flip and floated through her spin and spiral sequences. At the end of the evening, Kiri had earned a score two points higher than her previous best and placed first in the Junior ladies.

Congratulations to Kiri and best of luck in training for the Junior Grand Prix Finals!

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