Kiri Baga

Written By: Riedell | November 30, 2009

I wore my first pair of Riedell skates when I just 6 years old and I haven’t gone back since!  When I first started skating, I had trouble finding skates small enough for my feet. In fact, my first pair couldn’t even be sharpened because they didn’t fit on the machine! Luckily a Riedell dealer found me a pair of small Gold Stars in a kid’s size 10 and I was hooked! I especially loved the soft leather lining.

Today I wear Custom boots and Pattern 99 blades. The first day I wore them I was able to land all my jumps! Jumping is one of my favorite things about skating and I really love the triple toe. Thanks Riedell for all you help me achieve!

—Kiri Baga, 2009 U.S. Novice Champion

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