What You Need to Know When Buying Your First Figure Skates

Written By: Riedell | May 15, 2018

You may think that figure skates are one of those accessories where you can simply walk into a store, grab a pair that matches your shoe size, and walk out. But that isn’t the case. With normal shoes, you would buy a pair based on the activities you wish to perform in them. If you wanted to start running you’d start with some beginner running shoes, if you were headed for a relaxing week on the beach, you’d grab some flip flops, if you wanted to take a hike through the woods you’d grab some hiking boots, and so on. The same principle applies to buying figure skates. But luckily, once you determine what it is you want to do in your skates, finding the right pair is easy.

For your first set of skates we recommend going with a boot and blade set. What this means is that you’ll buy your skates already put together instead of buying your blades and boots separately. More advanced skaters usually prefer to buy their boots and blades separately because it gives them more control over the different aspects of their performance. Remember the shoe analogy from before? A competitive skater will want to select every aspect of their boots and blades to perfectly complement their preferences and performance. In these situations, a skater will have their choice of boots, blades, blade metals, toe rakes, spin rockers, drag picks, tails, heels, shanks, and more!  Don’t worry; you’re not there yet! At Riedell, we offer three boot and blade sets, the Instructional Series, Recreational Series, and Beginner Series. If this is the first pair of skates you’ll be owning, we recommend either the Recreational or Beginner Series.

The Recreational Series is for those who have been skating before. If you’ve been renting skating while you’ve explored the ice with friends or maybe in a class, then this series is for you! You know that you love the ice, and maybe you want to pursue your interest further, or you just know that you love this form of exercise and you plan to spend as much time on the ice as possible; these skates are for you! They don’t have all the bells and whistles of our Instructional Series or anything above that, but they’re great skates that will give you the support you need to spend hours on the ice. These figure skates will give skaters support, reinforcement, and protection. Everything a budding ice prince or princess needs!

The Beginner Series is for just that, beginners! Whether you’re buying these for yourself or for a loved one, the Beginner Series makes for a great starter skate. Thinking about signing up for your first skating lesson? Want to take advantage of your community’s open skate hours with your family? Then try these great starter skates. These skates have been designed to be light and comfortable, as well as stylish! Keep your feet dry and comfy, as you explore the ice with these easy to maintain figure skates. Perfect for outdoor or indoor fun, the Beginner Series figure skates are the perfect skates to foster a love of the ice in both children and adults.

Recreational Series

Adult and Junior

119 Emerald Skate Set & 19 Emerald Jr. Skate Set

119 Emerald Figure Skate

Boot Support Level: 30 – light

Colors: Black and White

Get ready for fun with the 119 Emerald. Light support with double synthetic reinforcement. Leather tongue reinforcement adds protection and strength. PVC sole unit and Dri-Lex® lining keeps feet dry. Newly designed, padded Achilles Tendon collar gives added comfort. Features a faux emerald studded lace bar. Stainless steel Luna blade provides great performance.

114 Pearl Skate Set & 14 Pearl Jr. Skate Set

114 Pearl Full Skate Image Small

Boot Support Level: 25 – light

Color: White

Light support with double synthetic reinforcement. Added tongue reinforcement provides protection and strength. PVC sole unit with Dri-Lex® lining keeps feet dry. Padded Achilles Tendon collar provides a snug comfortable fit. The Pearl features a special lace bar for additional fun. Stainless steel Luna blade provides great performance.

Beginner Series

Adult and Junior

110 Opal Skate Set & 10 Opal Jr. Skate Set

110 Opal Figure Skate

Boot Support Level: 20 – light

Colors: Black and White

The 110 Opal (10 Opal) skates are perennial favorites for easy comfort and support in a very attractive boot. Light support. Quilted lining cushions feet and the split tongue design provides stability on the ice. Maintenance free PVC sole unit keeps feet dry. Nickel plated blade gives a smooth edge.

113 Sparkle Skate Set – Lime or Violet & 13 Sparkle Jr. Skate Set – Pink

113 Sparkle Figure Skate boot

Boot Support Level: 25 – light

Colors: Adult – lime or violet, Youth – pink

These skates are perennial favorites for easy comfort and support in a fun and attractive boot! Available in lime or violet for adults and pink for youth these skates offer light support and stability on the ice through a padded lining, feet cushions, and a split tongue design. A maintenance-free PVC sole unit will keep your feet dry on and off the ice. Nickel plated blade gives a smooth and easy to maintain edge.

118 Sparkle Skate Set – White and Violet & 18 Sparkle Jr. Skate Set – White and Pink

Boot Support Level: 20 – light

Colors: Adult – White and Violet, Youth – White, and Pink

Beginner and pleasure skaters will appreciate the soft boot comfort and support in this attractive restyled skate. The 118 Sparkle has an updated look, stronger hooks, and slightly more support than the original Sparkle’s light support rating. Man-made uppers with extra comfort padded linings cushion feet and a split tongue design provides stability on the ice. A maintenance-free PVC sole keeps feet dry while a stainless steel blade gives skaters a smooth edge. The 118 Sparkle is perfect for a beginner or pleasure skater.

625 Soar Charcoal-Lime or White-Violet Skate Set

625 Soar in Green Small Image

Boot Support Level: 20 – light

Colors: Charcoal and Lime, or White and Violet

The 625 Soar offers sleek modern comfort for the recreational skater. Foam-backed velvet lining with durable maintenance-free uppers keeps feet comfortable. Lightweight PVC soles make for simple skate care.

615 Soar Charcoal-Lime or White-Violet Junior Skate Set

615 Soar Figure Skating Boot

Boot Support Level: 20 – light

Colors: Charcoal and Lime, or White and Pink

The 615 Soar has plush trim, and foam-backed velvet linings help support ankles and keep feet warm. 3-strap Velcro Closure in youth sizes 8-12. Power-strap Velcro closure sizes 13-2. These skates are perfect for the youngest skater in your life. Their toes will stay warm and ankles straight as you help them learn their way on the ice.

Find Your Perfect Skates With Riedell

We hope that this blog has helped you find your perfect first pair of figure skates. If you still have any questions, or would like to consider other skating options feel free to shoot us a message, a member of our team will be more than happy to help you find the right first pair of figure skates for you or a loved one. Happy skating!