Written By: Riedell | July 14, 2010

Before my current skates, I bought my first pair from…a thrift store. I started Basic 3 in March of this year with those skates. I noticed while doing three turns, my feet were extremely pronated and floppy overall. I kept slipping. So a week before the test, I bought Riedell 133’s. I skated in them one day before the test, just to get the feel (I didn’t have time to skate again). They hurt but not too badly. The next day was the test. I did the two turns and my feet didn’t flop, and my ankles were perfectly stable! AND I passed the test. I’m now going on to Basic 7 in the winter. Thanks Riedell!

Name: Noni
Age: 19
Location: Maryland
Boot Model: 133 TS