4 Off-ice Training Tips for the Off-season

Written By: Riedell | May 9, 2013

It’s the “off season” in the figure skating world, a time where skaters can relax and enjoy the summer…while enthusiastically planning for next season.

Many of us can’t get to the rink as often as we would like during the summer. Thankfully there is a variety of off-ice training exercises that can help keep you in shape and ready for the upcoming season! You can work on increasing your jump heights and consistency, improving balance and stability, boosting speed and endurance without even stepping onto the ice. Read on for 4 off-ice training tips (all it takes is a few sessions per week—and your motivation, of course):

1. Flexibility and balance are qualities a skater can’t live without. During the off-season try classes like yoga, pilates or ballet. These classes can be very helpful in improving basic posture and will teach you great new stretches. Ballet can also help you develop presentation and musical expression.

2. Strength training helps to build those much-needed muscles. Try weight-lifting (if you’re old enough), or check out these exercises where you use your own body for resistance training.

3. Endurance and agility can be improved with aerobics, jogging or high-intensity interval training. No gym membership required!

4. Core strength is also super important! Skaters need extremely strong core muscles to balance, keep a tight air position for jumping, control the center of spin rotations and maintain upper body position during footwork, stroking and crossovers. Without enough core strength, it’s extra hard to maintain the consistency of these important elements.

And remember! Proper recovery from these exercises is just as important. Stretching, nutrition, hydration and sleep all play a big role in overall performance—on and off the ice. And make sure you leave plenty of time for lots of fun over the off-season, too!

How do you train during the off-season?

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