Official Congratulations to Our Riedell Olympians!

Written By: Riedell | March 5, 2010

Before we officially move on from the 2010 Winter Olympics, we want to extend an official “Congratulations!” to the 5 Riedell skaters who competed beautifully in Vancouver!  Joannie, Laura, Rachael, Johnny and Jeremy represented their countries with the true Olympic spirit. We are so happy that they stepped out onto the Olympic ice to represent their amazing countries in Riedells and we are so proud of their accomplishments!

And in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past three weeks (just kidding!☺), here are how our skaters finished at the Games:

Joannie Rochette (Canada): Bronze Medalist
Laura Lepisto (Finland): 6th
Rachael Flatt (United States): 7th

Johnny Weir (United States): 6th
Jeremy Abbott (United States): 9th

Earlier in the week we posed a question to our Facebook fans, What does the Olympic sprit mean to you? We received some really great answers and now we’ll be posting our thoughts over the next few days on each of the Riedell skaters and how they embodied the Olympic spirit! As we post them, feel free to share your thoughts on each of the skaters!

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