Riedell teams up with OneTeamMVMT to shine a spotlight on Synchronized Skating

Written By: Kelly Crumpton | January 11, 2017

Guest blog by OneTeamMVMT

All disciplines of figure skating display athleticism and artistry, but only one discipline achieves both with sixteen skaters at once. You may have heard of it, or perhaps not, but synchronized skating is one of the fastest growing disciplines since its’ debut on the ISU World Championship stage in 2000.

While synchronized skating teams have popped up in clubs across the country and beyond, the primary challenge is getting the sport in front of new eyes; parents can’t enroll their children in synchro programs if they don’t know they exist. Enter OneTeamMVMT (pronounced One Team Movement); a non-profit organization launched in the spring of 2016 with the goal of raising awareness and boosting the profile of synchronized skating worldwide.

Over the past decade, synchro has evolved from a “show” sport that saw its’ debut in Ann Arbor Michigan, to a legitimate sport with programs that feature intricate step sequences, high speed intersections, death spirals, overhead lifts and more. The caliber of synchro has risen to a standard that is attracting a growing audience, yet the sport remains unseen and unknown by many.

Since 2013, a number of synchro programs have gone viral on YouTube, collecting millions of views and positive comments.

Now, Riedell Skates is teaming up with OneTeamMVMT at the 2017 Winterfest Competition, held in Mississauga, Ontario from January 13-15, 2017. This partnership will promote sportsmanship and unity among the synchronized skating community.

What is Winterfest?

The 2017 Winterfest Competition and ISU Junior World Synchronized Skating Championship Trials will be held January 13-15, 2017 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. As Canada’s largest invitational synchronized skating competition, Winterfest will host 106 teams from across Canada and the United States, and is set to draw in thousands of spectators to the Hershey Centre during this the three-day event.

Why is Winterfest Important?

In the junior category (skaters aged 19 and under) the top two teams will go on to represent Canada at the 2017 ISU Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships on March 10-11, 2017.

How are Riedell Skates and OneTeamMVMT teaming up?

StackedOTMRiedellHorizLogosRiedell Skates is working with OneTeamMVMT to help make Winterfest even more fun and engaging for all. Riedell, in partnership with OneTeamMVMT, will be on-site all weekend promoting sportsmanship and encouraging a positive and inclusive environment for all skaters and attendees. In addition to all of the fun and activities that OneTeamMVMT has planned for the weekend – a flash mob dance, a scavenger hunt, a “wall of encouragement,” a meet-and-greet with former National and World synchronized skating champions, and a group photo of all skaters in their OneTeamMVMT T-shirts – Riedell and OneTeamMVMT will provide a station to create your own stadium signage. There will be Riedell giveaway items for those who show OneTeamMVMT and Team Riedell how much they love Synchro during the weekend!

Riedell and OneTeamMVMT will cover the event on social using the official event hashtag (#Winterfest17) and welcome fans of synchro to connect by following us, tagging us in public photos or using any of the these hashtags in Winterfest posts #TeamRiedell, #iSkateRiedell, #OTMriedell #OneTeamMVMT.

“We are so excited to have this opportunity to partner with OneTeamMVMT and bring more attention to the sport of Synchronized Skating,” said Kelly Crumpton, Ice Marketing at Riedell Skates. “At Riedell we have a history of providing high quality products to skaters, like our Synchronized Skating Boot – that pays special attention to the discipline’s support and performance requirements. We hope that by working with OneTeamMVMT to partner at some key events like Winterfest, we can show our support for Synchronized Skating and offer more fun and fan engagement at these events.”

How can I participate?

You can show your support for this synchro movement by purchasing a signature OneTeamMVMT shirt (currently worn in 8 countries!) or by visiting the OneTeamMVMT + Riedell booth at Winterfest if you’re there!

Follow the fun on Riedell Skates’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and OneTeamMVMT’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

To participate in the Winterfest Social Media fun with Riedell and OneTeamMVMT this weekend use any of the following hashtags: #OTMRiedell #OneTeamMVMT #iSkateRiedell #TeamRiedell #StrongerTogether or Tag us!

Images provided by OneTeamMVMT

For more information on OneTeamMVMT visit www.oneteammvmt.com