April Figure Skate Boot of the Month: 2010 LS

Written By: Riedell | April 5, 2012

The 2010 LS, made start to finish at our Red Wing, Minnesota facility, is April’s figure skate boot of the month. As part of our Competitive Series, this boot is designed for more experienced junior and senior skaters. The 2010 LS is included in our Boot Recommendation Chart located on page 21 of our 2012 Catalog, to show you which boot is best for you based on ISI, USFSA and Canadian test levels.

The 2010 LS Pairs Comfort with Beauty

Not only is the 2010 LS a beautiful boot, it’s designed with comfort features that allow for long hours on the ice. The 2010 LS is part of our Light Series and is made specifically to help you nail those jumps. The boot has super lightweight cork heels and is 20% lighter than conventional figure skate boots! Other extreme comfort and performance features include Microfiber lining and ultra-light tongue padding for easier landings. And the Forefoot design keeps your little toe area comfy with our special flex technology.

Thanks to these unique features, your feet will be very comfortable each time you step onto the ice.

Bonus! As for ice skate blades, the Eclipse Infinity and Eclipse Pinnacle are a great match for the 2010 LS and provide competitive figure skaters with control, stability and maneuverability. Learn more about our six models of Eclipse Blades™ here.

Do you skate in the 2010 LS? We’d love to hear from you!