March Figure Skate Boot of the Month: 2200 Synchro

Written By: Riedell | March 1, 2012

Synchro is a great way for figure skaters to compete in a sport they love while enjoying all of the aspects of working with others in a team-oriented environment. Did you know that synchro skating was originally called precision skating in North America because of the emphasis on maintaining precise formations and timing of the group? This sport is different from other skating disciplines, as there are eight to 20 athletes skating on the ice at one time, moving as one flowing unit. In addition, the required elements differ from other skating disciplines. They include blocks, circles, wheels, lines, intersections, pairs moves and more. For a synchronized team to flow in unison, individual skaters must be competent in a variety of skating skills, including speed, footwork and ice presence.

We’ve designed a boot specifically to meet the rigors of the sport. Part of our Specialty Boot line, the 2200 Synchro offers flexible comfort and support. Specifically designed for synchro skaters and teams, this boot delivers the precision needed to master complicated footwork, steps, sequences and spins. Other great features of the 2200 Synchro include:

  • Lower back seam height affords greater flexibility and enhanced foot maneuvering
  • Cushioned backstay collar is designed specifically for more forward and backward flex and supports your lower leg, making it easier for your synchro team to stay together
  • Double leather outsole offers better stability
  • Higher box-toe design increases clearance for maximum support

As seen on…
The Miami RedHawks varsity synchro team and the Finland Rockettes put their trust in the 2200 Synchro when they hit the ice. In addition, Team Braemar will take on the 2012 Junior World Challenge Cup in March sporting their Riedells.

Pair the 2200 Synchro with the Eclipse Dance blade for a winning boot and blade combination! For more information, check out page 5 of our 2012 Catalog.