Custom Boots Paved the Way: Petrea’s Skater Story

Written By: Riedell | October 24, 2013

petreaI got my first pair of Riedell skates when I started Basic Skills at age 4. My older sister ice skated and I wanted to be just like her! However, I was born with a deformed left foot that is 1.5 inches shorter than my right foot and four sizes smaller. In addition, it has a tiny heel that doesn’t touch the ground. As a result, my feet blistered severely in skates. I was too young to foresee the problems my abnormal foot would cause within figure skating.

For example, because of my lack of heel, the front Scratch Spin was a struggle for me. I was unable to lean back and balance on the blade. My Cross Rolls looked like an uneven limp instead of a smooth push because of the length difference of my legs. Despite these issues, I passed Pre-Juvenile Freestyle and Juvenile Moves in the Field.

When I reached 12-years-old, my back started to ache regularly. My feet had stopped growing so my mom took me to the Ice House in Wellesley, Massachusetts for custom skate boots. Glen, the owner, knew exactly what I needed. He suggested that I stay with the Riedell brand and add a lift to the bottom of my left skate (as the photos show).

Glen photographed my feet, took careful measurements and 6 weeks later I received my first pair of Riedell custom boots with two different blade lengths.

Immediately, my back stopped hurting and the blisters on my feet cleared up completely. From that point forward, I tested like crazy and even joined the Pittsfield Pinwheels Synchronized Skating team. Now 3 years later, I am practicing for my Junior Moves, Intermediate Freestyle and Silver Dances.

Without my Riedell boots, I wouldn’t have been able to come this far.

Thank you, Riedell!

Name: Petrea
Location: Williamstown, MA
Riedell Skate: Custom 1500
Skate Club: Pittsfield Figure Skating Club
Skate Shop:  Ice House Sports