Recapping the U.S. and Canadian Nationals

Written By: Riedell | January 30, 2015

We can all take a deep, collective sigh – the whirlwind of the U.S. and Canadian figure skating nationals have concluded! We saw some great performances from both our U.S. and Canadian skaters and a round of applause for everyone is certainly in order.

Rewind the clocks back to last week’s post where we highlighted the majority of our Canadian skaters and their performances. Since the action of both nationals has come to a close, we’d like to take the time to acknowledge our awesome American and Canadian skaters:


Novice Men

Bruce Waddell, 6th

Novice Women

Aislinn Ganci, 6th

Alison Schumacher, 15th

Novice Dance

Ellie Fisher & Parker Brown, 3rd

Victoria Oliver, 5th

Priya Ramesh, 8th

Nicola Salimova, 9th

Yohanna Broker & Malcolm Kowan, 14th

Junior Men

Olivier Bergeron, 6th

Junior Women

Sarah Tamura, 9th

Junior Dance

Lauren Collins, 2nd

Hannah Whitely, 5th

Megan Koenig-Croft & Jake Richardson, 7th

Senior Pairs

Natasha Purich, 6th

Senior Dance

Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier, 2nd

United States

Juvenile Pairs

Kristin Lyle George & Jake Pagano, 5th

Intermediate Ladies

Gia Kokotakis, 3rd

Intermediate Dance

Josephine Hagan & J.T. Michel, 7th

Novice Men

Colton Johnson, 9th

Novice Pairs

Sarah Rose & Joseph Goodpaster, 2nd

Novice Dance

Elenaor Babaev & Scott Wenner, 6th

Junior Men

Ben Jalovick, 11th

Junior Pairs

Lindsay Weinstein, 4th

Chelsea Liu, 2nd

Senior Men

Sean Rabbit, 12th

Joshua Farris, 3rd

Senior Pairs

Madeline Aaron & Max Settlage, 4th

Haven Denney & Brandon Frazier, 2nd

On To The World Championships

Every skater who performed in the U.S. and Canadian Nationals gave everything they had. It was an extremely exciting time in the world of figure skating and all of us at Riedell would like to thank you all for an excellent display of talent. Now, we look to the ISU World Championships March 23-29 in Shanghai, China. Our very own Joshua Farris will be representing the United States and we can’t wait to see what he has in store. For a total recap of the final results from Greensboro and Kingston, click on the links below:

U.S. Nationals
Canadian Nationals

Congratulations, skaters! You rock!