Riedell Around the World

Written By: Riedell | December 15, 2011

While Riedell Skates are designed in a Minnesota town of 16,500 people, our products reach figure skaters and coaches across the world. Every now and then, we like to take a look at the places around the globe where skaters sport our ice skates—we thought you might enjoy a peek into the Riedell global community too!

Through 2011, more than 125 countries came to Ice.RiedellSkates.com and more than 85 countries came to iSkateRiedell.com. Google also translated our site into dozens of languages including Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, German and Italian for international figure skaters!

The Riedell skaters you follow throughout the season and on TV also have a global reach, bringing Riedell to all parts of the globe. Rachael Flatt rocks Custom 375 Gold Star boots and sends mail to her fans all around the world. If you are interested in seeing the 5 continents Rachael addresses her mail, check out this map we created! Riedell also supports skaters who represent Canada (like Joannie Rochette, Kurt Browning, Jamie Salé and Kate Charbonneau!) and Finland (Laura Lepistö and synchro team The Rockettes!)

But it’s not just elite skaters that sport Riedells when they hit the ice. Check out this picture one of our Authorized Dealers share with us of our Riedell rental skates at the Mexican rink, Adventure Iceland! We have Authorized Dealers around the world (that provide both Riedell and Eclipse to skaters), which you can find on our newly updated Dealer Locator.

We’re curious, where in the world do you sport your Riedells?