Riedell Coaches Product Knowledge Seminar and Ambassador Program

Written By: Riedell | September 7, 2016

Figure skating is a sport that transcends time and age. It excites us as children as we learn the basics and break in our very first pair of skates. Then we get older and discover the nuances of skating, deepening our love and passion for it. We delight in learning new complicated maneuvers and programs. We overcome challenges on the ice and grow as a person. As time goes on, the sport becomes a necessary part of our life and a part of how we define ourselves. Eventually, our passion for skating reaches a point where we can start to give back to the skating community by becoming a coach.

At Riedell, we understand the passion that coaches possess for skating because we share it! We also understand the desire to share knowledge and give back, so we are sharing our knowledge of skating equipment with coaches who are passionate about knowing more.

Riedell’s Coaches Product Knowledge Seminar

Do you love helping your skaters succeed? In our in-depth seminar, you’ll learn the ins and outs of boots and blades so you can help your skaters perform their best. You can earn your Riedell Product Knowledge Certification, become fluent in our entire product line ̶ boots and blades, learn more about common fit problems and gain confidence that you are recommending the correct equipment to your skaters.

There are multitudes of factors to consider when recommending a boot and blade to a skater. The Coaches Product Knowledge Seminar will help you to evaluate which equipment is appropriate to each ISI, USFS or Skate Canada test level, while taking a skater’s current level of jumps, spins and skating skills into account along with the many other factors, like skater height and weight range. For reference, you’ll receive a handy gear guide as part of the seminar to compare your skaters’ skill levels with the most appropriate products.

In this seminar, coaches will also be given a complimentary R-Fit Kit and the opportunity to be featured on our Coaches page. As a Product Knowledge Certified coach, you’ll be able identify the perfect boot and blade match for your skater to best help them succeed.

Coaches Prescription Card

Make sure to check out our new digital Coaches Prescription Card! We want to ensure that your skater gets the right Riedell gear every time. With this prescription card, you can easily recommend a boot, a blade or a combination of the two. Fill out your skater’s information and an email will be sent to them listing the gear you choose. From there, they’ll save a digital copy of the email or print it out and take it to a referred local Authorized Dealer to find the perfect fit! It’s that easy!

Riedell knows the importance of using the right equipment. A skater’s boot and blade shouldn’t hamper performance – they should support it. We’ve developed our Coaches Product Knowledge Seminar for the coaches who want to learn more about skating equipment and be confident that they are recommending the correct boot and blade for a skater. Let us help you understand skating equipment so that you can spend more time helping your skaters find skating success.

To learn more about the Coaches Product Knowledge Seminar or how to become a Riedell Ambassador, check out our Coaches & Ambassadors page and email us with any questions you may have.
Happy skating, #TeamRiedell and #TeamEclipse!