Ensure a Perfect Fit With Riedell’s Fit Sizing Guide

Written By: Riedell | June 29, 2016

Every trip to the podium begins with a pair of figure skates that fit your feet perfectly. Incorrectly sized and fit skates can cause foot discomfort and premature skate breakdown. Don’t lose valuable time by letting incorrectly fit skates affect your skating performance or – worse – lead to injury.

Team Riedell believes that skate fitting issues should never get between you and the ice! We can help you make sure that your boots fit your feet for a safe, comfortable performance every time.

When you invest in a pair of Riedell Skates, it’s an investment in quality. In order for your skates to stand the test of time, you’ll want to be sure they fit just right. For the best skate fitting, we recommend that you visit an Authorized Riedell Skates Dealer to find a fit specialist that can help you find the perfect size. If visiting an Authorized Dealer for skate fitting isn’t an option for you, we offer this alternative.

It’s important to remember that your skate size is not the same as your shoe size. In the video below, we will show you how you can determine your skate size and width using our easy-to-use sizing guide. By following the video instructions and accurately measuring the length, width and placement of the heel and ankle, you can find the Riedell skate size that will fit you perfectly.

Our website offers in-depth and detailed guidelines to help you every step of the way – from skate fitting, to proper lacing, to hitting the ice and more.

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For information on these items or any Riedell Skates products, email us or visit your local Authorized Riedell Dealer today.