Riedell Skaters Give Back Through Skating

Written By: Riedell | September 15, 2011

One of the best things about the figure skating community is the network of volunteering that exists. Individual skaters, skate clubs and large organizations all work on many levels and in many creative ways to bring figure skating into the lives of more people and improve our communities.

We are proud of the accomplishments Riedell skaters make on the ice, but today we want to spotlight some of the impressive things our skaters do off of the ice. From organizing skating events to donating their own skate boots to skaters who need them, Team Riedell’s thoughtful actions and support of wonderful nonprofits help make the figure skating community an even better one.

Giving Boots a New Life

Just recently, we posted about Rachael Flatt’s donation to the Kids on Ice organization. Rachael sent 12 pairs of her own boots, plus a pair of gloves to wear during practice and a towel to dry off boots & blades to help skaters of many ages and levels.

After traveling to Washington D.C. and seeing many skaters practicing in rental skates, Minnesota native Kiri Baga, decided to make a difference by collecting used skates and skating clothes through a program she started called KiriSkates.

Organizing and Performing

Parker Pennington and Sean Rabbitt are two Senior level skaters who have dedicated their time and talent to creating fantastic skating events that benefit great causes. Parker’s Skate for Life, which he started in 2008, benefits Muscular Dystrophy research and awareness. This event raised more than $40,000 in 2008 and 2009! Just this year, Parker produced the Skate Dream Dance show with a goal of inspiring young skaters to stay with the sport.

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Sean Rabbitt rallied his skating friends and the Glacier Falls Figure Skating Club to put on a superb show, Skaters Care: A Benefit for Japan Tsunami Relief. Many skaters, including Jeremy Abbott came together to perform at the show which benefited the Red Cross Relief Fund.

Fan-favorite Johnny Weir performs in skate shows and attends benefits for many skating organizations, including Figure Skating in Harlem. Figure Skating in Harlem is a great organization that empowers young women ages 6-18 through education and skating. Johnny also supports artistic expression through his backing of the Ice Theatre of New York. At the 25th Anniversary event, he premiered his Heartbroken program!

Supporting Other Skaters

When he was gearing up to fulfill his dream of competing at the Olympics, Jeremy Abbott also had the dreams of other skaters on his mind. Because figure skating can be an expensive sport, Jeremy set up a fund to help boys from his home state stay on the ice. Before the Vancouver Games, NBC Nightly News even broadcast a story about Jeremy’s work, which you can watch here. (Scroll to the middle of the page).

Many other Riedell skaters participate in great annual skating events that benefit other charities and nonprofits, like Skate for Hope. Check out the Causes tab on our Facebook Page to see other ways Riedell skaters give back.

Tell us how you and your skate club give back!