Riedell Skates Introduces Technically Advanced, Beautiful Eclipse Blades

Written By: Riedell | February 22, 2011

Designed and Made in North America with Superior Edges and Flawless Finish

RED WING, MINN. (Feb. 22, 2011) – Leading skate designer and manufacturer, Riedell Skates, has launched Eclipse Blades, an all-new line of ice skate blades that offer competitive skaters a beautiful blade with true edge consistency and improved rake engagement.

Designed and made in North America, Eclipse Blades are made by master craftsmen using the best combination of tradition and technology to create the most consistent blades and edges available. Eclipse Blades are made with 1075 High Carbon Steel for strength and resilience. Computer-controlled laser cutting, soldering and stamping result in consistent, precision edges. Eclipse Blades’ chrome relief rakes offer better ice engagement. The new blades are available in four models. Eclipse Infinity: advanced freestyle skaters; Mist: freestyle skaters; Volant: advanced instructional or beginning competitive; Dance: ice dancers.

“The beauty of Eclipse Blades is remarkable,” explains Dan Riegelman, Vice President of Marketing, Riedell Skates. “Their beauty is enhanced with high-technology finishing, which creates a technically advanced blade that meets both the artistry and athleticism the sport demands.” Unlike other blades on the market, Eclipse Blades are shipped in customized foam to protect the finish of each blade. A polishing cloth is included with each purchase to maintain optimum sheen. Based on the individual skater’s desired radius of hollow (R.O.H.), the blades need to be custom sharpened by an authorized dealer prior to use. For more information visit EclipseBlades.com.

About Eclipse Blades
Move across the surface of the ice like never before with Eclipse Blades. Designed and made in North America, Eclipse Blades offer skaters and coaches superior edges, better toe rake engagement and flawless blade finishes to meet the artistry and athleticism the sport demands. Introduced in 2011 by Riedell Skates, Eclipse Blades help skaters soar to the next level. Eclipse Blades are sold through an authorized Riedell dealer network. To become an authorized dealer, visit RiedellSkates.com.

About Riedell Skates
Riedell Skate Company, the leading ice and roller skate designer and manufacturer, was founded in Red Wing, Minnesota, more than 60 years ago. Riedell develops the finest skate products available to meet the unique needs of all skaters: from recreational enthusiasts to Olympic athletes. Through a global network of authorized dealers and online resources, Riedell is the source for the best boots, blades and roller accessories. Join the conversation of more than 5,000 skating enthusiasts at iSkateRiedell.com.