November Figure Skate Boot of the Month: 255 TS

Written By: Riedell | November 3, 2011

Across our six ice skate boot lines, we meet the needs of skaters at every level. Whether you’re an aspiring Olympian or like to hit the ice with friends each weekend, we are proud to fit you with the perfect skate.

November’s boot of the month is the 255 TS, one of four boots that make up the Instructional Series. Our Instructional Series of boots is perfect for skaters beginning their competitive careers, who are mastering jumps, spins and more advanced moves and are looking to take their skating to the next level.

The 255 TS is an ideal boot to help aspiring skaters achieve their skating goals. How? The 255 TS is designed for lightweight and flexible support each time you step on the ice. With a higher back, hand rolled collar and higher box toe, your feet and lower legs will stay comfortable. And maintenance and boot care is easy with Clarino™ uppers and Dri-Lex™ lining!

What’s the TS mean? TS stands for Traditional Series. The 255 TS and others are crafted with traditional boot design principles—like higher backs—and built with the lightweight modern comfort features.

The 255 TS is available with our Quest Onyx blade, as well as our brand new Eclipse Crescent blade from the Eclipse Blades line.* Use our recommendations chart in the back of our new catalog to find to best combination for you.


*Visit your Authorized Eclipse Blades Dealer to learn more about Eclipse Crescent.