Shaelyn Brown

Written By: Riedell | March 27, 2014

The perfect fit can make all the difference when it comes to figure skates. Shaelyn Brown is a Riedell skater from the Glencoe Figure Skating Club in Ontario who, after struggling with foot injuries, is happy to be back on the ice with help from the newly introduced 2010 Fusion skate and our brand new R-Fit Footbed Kit.

Here’s what Shaelyn had to say about her experience with Riedell:

“After a year of struggling with heel injuries resulting from poorly fitted boots, not to mention lots of time off trying to heal, I was given the opportunity to try the new 2010 Fusion along with the new Riedell footbeds. These skates molded to my foot and required minimal adjustments. My first day on the ice, I was back landing all my double jumps. Having skated in the 2010 Fusion a couple of years ago, I could definitely feel improvement to the stiffness and support of this new boot. I love the new footbeds! These are a great addition and helped accommodate my heel and arches from pronating in, therefore giving me better technique on my take-offs.”

Shaelyn Brown
Novice Ladies Competitor

Good luck to Shaelyn and all of our Riedell fans in your upcoming skating adventures!