Riedell Skaters Bring Strength, Talent and Expertise to Skate Canada

Written By: Riedell | November 6, 2014

Last week we celebrated the success of Riedell skaters after a strong weekend at Skate America. Skate America was first in a series of six ISU Grand Prix events that lead up to the Grand Prix Finale December 11-14 in Barcelona, Spain.

Skate Canada was the second event in the Grand Prix series, wrapping up last Sunday in British Columbia. Riedell was well represented in various skate categories including, once again, commentary from Riedell skaters turned broadcasters!

Brooklee Han: Ladies

Brooklee Han had a whirlwind experience participating in the Grand Prix for her first time this year. As the only representative from Australia at both 2014 Skate America and Skate Canada, and the first Australian lady to compete at two Grand Prix events in the same season, Brooklee demonstrated great strength and independence! Brooklee competed two consecutive weeks in a row (with a college exam wedged in between) finishing 10th place at Skate America with a new personal best score, then jumping into 8th place the following week at Skate Canada. Way to go, Brooklee!

Paul Poirier: Ice Dancing

Paul Poirier is an accomplished ice dancer along with partner Piper Gilles. Together, the Canadian duo has won a handful of medals including gold at the 2012 U.S. Classics, bronze at the 2012 Canadian Championships and silver at 2014 Four Continents. The dancers earned a silver medal at Skate Canada and are preparing for their second 2014 Grand Prix assignment, the Trophée Bompard, later this month. Keep up the good work—and have a Happy Birthday today, Paul!

Johnny Weir: Commentator

Our dear friend Johnny Weir has taken his passion for figure skating to the next level: figure skating commentary! Since his stint as a commentator for the Sochi Winter Olympics, Weir’s on-screen career has taken off. He provided two captivating hours of live commentary during 2014 Skate America and followed up with Skate Canada the very next week. You can expect to hear even more from him and fellow NBC Sports commentator Tara Lipinksi as the Grand Prix continues!

Kurt Browning: Commentator

It wouldn’t be Skate Canada without hearing from legendary Canadian figure skater Kurt Browning! Another longtime Riedell skater and great friend, Kurt also provided commentary the previous week at Skate America. Of course we love his goofy humor, but Kurt really knows his stuff and brings a unique insider view to the events. The four-time Canadian Champion, four-time World Champion and world record holder is a serious asset to CBC’s coverage of the ISU Grand Prix.

With only two Grand Prix events down, there’s plenty more to go. Tune in with Riedell’s talented commentators and check back with us for recaps and the results of Riedell skaters. Good luck, all, and happy skating!