Spotlight on Riedell Figure Skaters Making a Difference

Written By: Riedell | May 10, 2012

When taking a break from training and competing, many Riedell skaters love to spend time giving back to their communities. Riedell skater and four-time U.S. Figure Skating champion Parker Pennington used his talent and creativity to start Skate Dance Dream, an ice skating and dance show that incorporates local talent with nationally recognized skating and dance stars.

Skate Dance Dream was a major success in Ohio a couple weekends ago—Parker and friends performed in front of a sold-out crowd. Congrats on a great show, Parker!

There are all sorts of ways Riedell skaters make a difference in their communities. Riedell skater Hailey Blodgett is only nine years old, but before she hits the big time, Hailey is already giving back to her community through a program called Hasek Heroes.

Through Hasek Heroes, Hailey and other volunteers are asking people to donate gently used hockey and ice skating equipment (like ice skates, hockey sticks, gloves and pads), which will be given away to inner city youth. Hailey’s hope is that more kids will have a chance to experience how fun it is to be on the ice.

Both Parker and Hailey have demonstrated how figure skating can lead to getting more involved in your community! We’re so proud to have them as members of Team Riedell.

Did you know? Parker and Hailey are both featured in our 2012 ice skating catalog!

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