The Dos & Don’ts of Ice Skate Fitting

Written By: Riedell | February 17, 2011

Incorrectly sized and fitted ice skates can cause foot discomfort, affect skater performance, cause premature skate breakdown and also lead to injury. Optimize your comfort and performance on and off the ice by following this list of Dos to make sure your Riedells are the perfect fit.

Do your research! One of the most common mistakes skaters make is to assume your ice skate size will be the same as your street shoe size. Just like quality shoes, each brand of skates has different sizing and is unique to the manufacturer. You can find Riedell’s sizing chart on our website—or visit your local authorized Riedell Skate Dealer.

Do buy skates that fit now. Ice skates that are sized too large with the hope of the skater being able to grow in to them is a mistake. Skate boots that are too big will not fit and support the foot properly and can cause discomfort, loose support, breakdown and possibly lead to injury.

Do make sure your toes can wiggle slightly up & down in the boots. The end of your toes should lightly brush the end of the boot. You do not want to be able to slide your toes side to side in the skate. If your toes slide sideways in the skate, this is a good indication that the boot is too wide and a narrower width may be needed. Another way to determine if the skate is the incorrect width—look at the boot when laced up with firm lace tension. If the lacing width is too close together, the boot is too wide for your foot. If the lacing width is too far apart, the width is too narrow.

Do examine all parts of the foot for comfort and support. Length, is the foot resting comfortably in the skate and not putting excess pressure on the toes? Width, does the skate provide adequate comfort for the ball joint area of the foot and allow proper support of the arch? Heel, is the heel of the foot seated comfortably in the heel area of the skate to provide maximum foot control? Ankle, does the skate fit comfortably and properly around the ankle and shin area to allow the desired firmness and strength?

Do ask questions. Your authorized Riedell skate dealer has been trained and has a wealth of information to help you evaluate your skate needs and can properly measure and fit your feet. They can help you find the right ice skates that will properly suit your needs.

For more information regarding proper ice skate fitting, visit and look under the Support page. If you have any specific questions about sizing, ask your local authorized Riedell dealer, or you can post your questions here or on our Facebook page.