Two New Eclipse Blade Models

Written By: Riedell | January 12, 2012

To continue to meet the needs and varying levels of skaters, we are excited to announce our two newest blade models, the Eclipse Pinnacle and Crescent. We debuted these models in our 2012 Skate Catalog but want to share how they can take you to the peak of performance!

For the most advanced competitive freestyle skaters: The Eclipse Pinnacle Blade is recommended and designed for your most demanding needs. The Pinnacle blade provides the control, stability and maneuverability necessary for advanced jumps and spins. A side-honed runner and chrome-free rakes bite into the ice. The Pinnacle ensures maximum speed and stability to help you tackle those difficult routines and competitive combinations.

For beginning competitive and instructional skaters: The Eclipse Crescent Blade is great for skaters new to competing, who are looking for control and support. The Crescent offers improved mobility, precise edges for greater consistency and more secure engagement to help aspiring skaters reach their goals. The Eclipse Crescent is available on the 910 LS, 255 TS and 229 TS.

Another exciting enhancement is our Dealer Locator with Google maps, so you can easily find your closest Riedell dealer and even get directions. There are nearly 1,000 authorized Riedell dealers worldwide, and you can sort by Eclipse dealers to find our six stunning blades. Your Riedell dealer can help recommend which boot and blade is right for you, too.

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