5 Easy Steps for Waterproofing Leather Soles

Written By: Riedell | August 15, 2013

It’s that time again! It may seem like your summer vacation began just yesterday, but it’s already time to start getting everything in order for the next school year. As you get organized for back to school you may also be preparing for longer practice sessions at the rink. If that’s the case, then your leather skate boot soles may need waterproofing. Follow the 5 easy steps below:

Riedell recommends waterproofing your leather soles as follows:

  1. Soles should be clean and dry.
  2. Use a household hair dryer to warm the shoes and then rub in the Sno Seal® liberally. Apply as much Sno Seal® as the leather will absorb.
  3. Remove excess with a cloth.
  4. Applications should be made 3-5 times at the time of purchase. Let soles cool in between applications.
  5. After two weeks, another application can be made using the same method. Once a month after that should be sufficient depending on skating conditions.

Do you have any skate care questions as you gear up for back to school? If so, ask away in the comments sections below! And, you can check out the rest of our skate care products here.