What Are the Best Ice Skates for Competitive Skaters?

Written By: Riedell | August 23, 2022

Experienced ice skaters are looking to do more than just enjoy time on the ice. If you’re searching for new ice skates and you have an extensive background in figure skating, there are resources you can use to narrow down the best boot and blade for your skill level.

Riedell manufactures quality ice skates for casual and goal-oriented skaters alike. Our top-tier models are handcrafted in the U.S. and made of durable yet comfortable material that some of the world’s best professional skaters rely on. This post will help you better understand which boots and blades fit your level of experience.

The Best Boots for Experienced Skaters

It can be daunting to scour the Internet and nearby retailers for ice skates, especially if you’re unsure which direction to go. Riedell uses what we refer to as “Riedell Ranges” to qualify varying boot types per skater performance level.

We use the following to denote the range of skill levels:

  • Skater performance capability (or skill)
  • ISI (Ice Sports Industry) Test
  • United States Figure Skating (USFS) Test
  • Skate Canada Test

You’ll see in the boot chart, there are four levels that coincide with the preferred test method or skill capability. Here’s a glimpse at what we’re talking about:

LevelSkating SkillsISI TestUSFS TestSkate Canada Test
1Basic skating skillsTot 1-4, Pre-Alpha to DeltaSnowplow Sam 1-4, Basic 1-6CanSkate 1-6
2Single jumps, Single AxelFS 1-5Free Skate 1-6, Pre-preliminary, PreliminaryStarSkate 1-4, Pre-preliminary, Preliminary
3Double jumps, Double AxelFS 6-8Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, IntermediatePre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice
4Triple and Quad jumpsFS 9-10Novice, Junior, SeniorNovice, Junio, Senior

Once you’ve determined your coinciding level of skill or highest test passed, you’ll then match up that level (or levels) with our boot model chart. Our Elara model, for example, is used for Competitive Advanced skating. They are made in the U.S. from microfiber materials and offer a support rating of 100. Skaters at the 3-4 range would appreciate the benefits of the Elara model and those like it.

A more mid-range competition boot for experienced skaters who aren’t quite ready for top-tier models would be Vega or Motion models, both of which are designed for Competitive Mid-ranged skating. These boots coincide with the 2-3 level range as seen above. One  difference between the two models is that Vega is made of microfiber while Motion is leather.

The Best Blades for Experienced Skaters

Experienced skaters looking for the best blade for their skill level can simply head to our blade chart where the denoted skill levels are based upon the same criteria as the boots. Skaters in the level 3-4 range will want Titanium/Stainless Steel blades with Cross or Straight Cut toe picks and an 8’ radius. Those models include Pinnacle Titanium, Infinity Titanium, and more.

Mid-ranged (level 2-3) examples include the Quantum and Aurora with a 7’ radius. The Quantum being the Lightweight Competitive Mid-Range blade while the Aurora is the standard Competitive Mid-Range blade.

Over 75 Years of Quality Ice Skate Manufacturing

Riedell has been around since the mid-20th century, when Paul Riedell and his wife Sophie began manufacturing hand-crafted ice skates in Red Wing, Minnesota. Since then, our goal remains the same: to provide the world with top-quality skates that give skaters the edge they need to meet their skating goals.  Learn more about our history or find your new ice skates by visiting a nearby Riedell dealer.